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Contributors to Vol. 1, No. 1, December 2004

Allison, Desmond M.

Desmond Allison is Professor and Director, School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Carleton University, Ontario, Canada. He has also worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, Botswana, China, Algeria, Brunei and Nigeria. His main investigative interests in Applied Linguistics are in English for Academic Purposes (EAP), including genre studies, academic writing in university curricula, comprehension studies, and language programme evaluation.

Chamot, Anna Uhl

Anna Uhl Chamot is Professor of Secondary Education (ESL and Foreign Language Education) in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development of the George Washington University. She has directed a number of studies investigating the language development of second and foreign language learners and has authored books and articles on language learning strategies. She holds a Ph.D. in ESL and applied linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin.

Chen, Qianrui

Dr. Qianrui Chen is Associate Professor at the Beijing Language and Culture University since 1995. He has published a book and a number of articles on Language Acquisition and Chinese Grammar and is also the editor of the “Shijie Hanyu Jiaoxue” (Teaching Chinese in the World) Journal published at this university.

Culhane, Stephen

Dr. Stephen F. Culhane is an Associate Professor of English Education at Kagoshima University in Kagoshima, Japan. The founding President of PacCALL, his current research concerns integration of immersion second language learning principles into CALL contexts, CALL for content-based second language learning, acculturation and culture in second language acquisition.

Galian, Christophe

Mr. Christophe Galian has degrees in the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language and Applied French Linguistics, and Astrophysics. He has taught French in Vietnam from 2001 to 2004. During this period, he was also educational advisor for the French-speaking universities network of AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie). He is, at present, the French Specialist for the Ministry of Education Language Centre in Singapore.

Nguyen, Thien Nam

Thiện Nam Nguyễn has taught Vietnamese as second language to foreigners since 1980 at National University of Hanoi, University of Phnom Penh (1982-1985, and 1987-1989) and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (2001-2003). He obtained a PhD in Linguistics and Literature in 2000 from National University of Hanoi. Besides Vietnamese, he is also involved in organizing extracurricular activities, compiling materials for teaching Vietnamese, and teaching methodology to teachers of Vietnamese for non-native speakers.

Okazaki, Toshio

Toshio Okazaki, Professor of Japanese Language Education and Linguistics in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Master’s Program in Area Studies at the University of Tsukuba; Ph.D. in Linguistics. He has taught at Ohio University (U.S.A.) and Hiroshima University, and has also worked as a visiting scholar at Illinois University (U.S.A.).

Thibonnet, Sylvie

Ms Sylvie Thibonnet graduated from University of Besançon as well as from University of Grenoble. Her degrees are in the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language and Applied French Linguistics. She is into her sixth semester of teaching French for beginners at the National University of Singapore. In collaboration with the NUS Centre for Instructional Technology, she has developed an on-line e-learning website for French beginners: Cyberdupont (http://courseware.nus.edu.sg/cyberdupont).

Tschirner, Erwin

Erwin Tschirner (M.A. University of Colorado, Boulder; Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley) is Professor of German as a Foreign Language and Applied Linguistics at the Herder Institute at the University of Leipzig, Germany, and Adjunct Professor of German Studies at the University of Arizona. He is an internationally recognized authority on foreign language learning, methodology, testing, and materials design, including multimedia materials, and has taught in universities in the United States, Cuba, and Germany. He has lectured and acted as a consultant widely in both North and South America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

Xu, Daming

Dr Daming Xu is Professor of Linguistics and Director of Sociolinguistics Laboratory in the Department of Chinese, Nanjing University, China. He obtained his Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and has held teaching and research positions in different universities in countries such as Canada, the US and China. He was elected Vice-President of the Association of Chinese Sociolinguistics in 2003 and is currently organizing the Third International Conference on Chinese Sociolinguistics.

Yulius, Noviyanti

Noviyanti Yulius obtained her B.Ed. from the Atma Jaya Catholic University in 1997 and her M.A. in English Studies from the National University of Singapore in 2001. She has taught Indonesian to students in NUS since 2002 and was recruited as a full-time instructor for the programme in July 2003.