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Submission Information for Authors

e-FLT welcomes manuscripts in English, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Tamil, Thai and Vietnamese on research, development or practice in Second and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning. Manuscripts for journal articles should not be longer than 8,000 words. An abstract in English of between 150 and 200 words is required. For articles written in a language other than English, authors will be asked to submit a summary of between 350 and 450 words in English, upon acceptance. Book reviews should generally be between 700 and 2000 words in length and be accompanied by the following: title and author of book, ISBN, year and place of publication, publisher, and number of pages. Authors are requested to follow the instructions in the style sheet for the formatting of manuscripts.


Please note that e-FLT does not accept submissions from third-parties, including agencies. 

Manuscripts are to be sent, wherever possible by e-mail in MS Word or Rich Text format, to:

The Editor
Centre for Language Studies
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
National University of Singapore
9 Arts Link, Singapore 117570

Fax: (65) 67777736

Style Sheet Information

Review Procedures

All manuscripts submitted to e-FLT will undergo the following review procedures:

Step 1: Internal Review

The manuscript will be read by the Editorial Board of e-FLT for an initial assessment of its suitability for publication (please refer to item 2 under Journal's Policies).

Step 2: External Review

Manuscripts which meet e-FLT's basic requirements will then be sent to two external reviewers for blind peer refereeing.

The results of the review, i.e. comments, suggestions and recommendations of the referees, will be sent to the authors (wherever possible, by e-mail). Typically, authors will be notified of the status of their manuscripts (accepted without revisions/accepted pending changes/to be revised and resubmitted/rejected) after the completion of the internal and/or external review process.

Review Criteria

The following criteria apply in the reviewing of submissions:

  • The submission meets the scope of e-FLT.
  • The article should make reference to previous research or theories in language education, language acquisition, or related fields of study. It should provide a clear indication of how the reported project is related to this body of literature.
  • Qualitative or quantitative empirical studies reported on should have a systematic and coherent method of study. The article should include a clear account of the study's theoretical foundation, project background, objectives, subjects, methodology, data analysis, and conclusions.
  • If the article reports on a developmental project, or current or innovative practice, it should provide a clear account of its context, theoretical foundation, target group(s), justification and (anticipated) outcomes as well as how it relates to past and/or future practice.
  • The article should discuss the implications of the reported project, and/or report on any conclusions or products which may be of relevance to future research, development or practice.
  • The article should be of an acceptable quality in terms of linguistic accuracy, clarity and coherence.

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